Ambien Hour 1

Ambien Hour:

Fuck you. Too much wine. Too much lieeeeth of the magic. Combined with my La Vici Pino Grigio bottle I feel great. I hope the world burns down around am an fall of you are in it. And only I arise from the ashes. To be a god? No. Just just do whatever I want with out the cancer of the human population infront of me. I’ll eat the best food. The best spirts, and of course, the best wonderfulness. That given that some of them survive. I am so foggy hammered right now I can seem to focus on even what I am typing. If I was a owl flying through the night I would feel the king of the branches. The king of the rodent hunt. And what a glorious hunt it would be….
And only afte I eat would I look for a lover.
Do you peasant idiots realize that LeBron is gonna win? That Johnny Depp is done? What a limpdick apology if I ever saw one. And the pirate movies??? Yeah, we’ll they suck a huge lock was monster dickjam. But he has millions and married a much younger hotter wife. Now, before you jump my shit that’s only what’s right in the world. Johnny made all his millions in witted his first wife and had a beautiful family. He fulfilled her dreams and I’m sure she is well compensated now Johnny is moved on to a much younger hotter piece that will eventually trap him into children as well. But if that point Johnny won’t give two flying shits because you will be so old and so rich the only thing he has to look forward to is pussy. And now I am nowhere close to Johnny doubt but if I can wrangle along a few smoking hotties before my hair turns completely gray that would be absolutely amazing. And that is the plan to have a very in shape summer with lots of booze lots of party favors and lots of really hot women where we going to meet the hot women who gives a shit as long as were having fun the party will arrive at our doorstep. I could be reincarnated is anything in this world I think I would want to be reincarnated as a platypus I could be a duck into beaver in the swimmer is I love to swim in lakes and streams I am laying down now to pass out. I have to work tomorrow and start lifting weights so I can be in dynamite shape way about 156 pounds which is amazing for a lazy pile of shit I am. But in three weeks after eating nothing but chicken water and lemonade should be looking quite dashing at least for my age. So all of you simpleton limp Dick’s in the world of reading my shit I hope you’re proud of yourselves and I hope you love the journey.

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