McGregor Loses to Money Mayweather, but Man, So Great!!!!!

All these boxing bitches predicted that McGregor couldn’t hold a candle to Money Mayweather. Just for the record that fight was Super Fun and a Blast to watch. All the shit talk leading up to the main event at the press conferences was pure awesome entertainment. Yeah, so Money had the better strategy and wore McGregor down and then picked him apart. But a fighters punch easily could have taken Floyd down, but it did not, not this day… That was the only way McGregor could have won the fight. Know one is a idiot, if it was the octagon Mayweather’s life probably could have ended. I was entertained the entire fight and well worth my $100s. Much much better than the last 5-6 fights I’ve gotten. While Floyd wasn’t a “Old Weak Bitch” ~ McGregor, both Badasses get my mad respect and “Thank You” for the first class entertainment!!!!!

Here is a Great Commentary of the Fight, this Ozzy is Hilarious

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