Summer Blockbuster Sales Down…No $hit……..

Wow! You don’t say? Really? More of the same? Super Hero Shit? Spider-Man? The Mummy Re-Boot (too soon)?  Another Pirates of the Caribbean????  Dude, only the first one was……….de…….cent…… However Wonder-Woman was quite great. Kong: Skull Island…..

For the love of Sweet Jesus can we get NEW SHIT????????? Planet of the Apes!? Good. I’m glad the B.O. suffered drastically. It’s what you all get and deserve in Tinsel Town. Maybe, just maybe when you grow a set of balls/tits, you will branch out and make something original. Actually looking forward to Rampage staring the Rock and haven’t seen one promo. Heres to hoping, cheers my children, I love you all.

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