Super Bowl 52 After Thoughts

Sorry for the delay, been on the Super Bowl Party Train last couple days. Drinking, eating great food, hanging with the girlfriend, not working and again…drinking 🙂  I personally think the Monday after the Super Bowl should be a National, no Global Holiday from work, or should be played on Saturday. Imagine all the stimulus brought to the economy, fans party all Saturday Day and Night, watch the game, wake up hungover and hit all the restaurants and bars to kick out that hangover relishing the win or the agony of defeat and or just celebrating a great time. I mean, how good and fun do post Super Bowl mimosas sound over hashbrowns and eggs?

While I was cheering for Super Tom and the New England Patriots to get their 6th Championship Ring, I will tip my hat to the Philadelphia Eagles and all of their Hooligan Fans. Good for you guys and yet another NFL team leap frogs my Atlanta Falcons in hoisting the Lombardi Trophy.  Quick stat, Matt Ryan threw 45 touchdown passes in 2016 to, get this……17. Yes you read that right. From 45 to 17 and Atlanta is still keeping Drunk Shoes Sarkisianianamkin as their OC. That being said, the Eagles played a hell of a game and came out with the pedal to the Patriots metal face-masks. Good.

Everyone wanted to bag on Nick Foles, the Eagles second string Quarterback, how soon people forget that Foles was a pro-bowler just a couple years ago under the gone and forgotten Chip Kelly. Foles was great with his stint with the Eagles the first time around and then faltered. News Flash, it ain’t Foles’s fault. He had to learn a new system and new offensive playbooks when he went to the Rams and Chiefs. And again, I’ve said this a million times, you have to let these QBs play to their strengths, which is exactly what head coach Doug Peterson did. The Eagles coaching staff went back and examined what made their backup so successful under Kelly, and they implemented that into their ruthless-dominating- blitzkrieg of a offensive attack against the Patriots. You can’t change these quarterbacks and the way they’ve played their entire lives. Look at RGIII, came and went when he tried to be a pocket passer as opposed to the Read Option Power House scrambler he was. Just like Seattle hasn’t changed Russel Wilson in Seattle, who has one ring and should have two with that not going to Beast Mode against the Patriots on the goal line. If It Ain’t Broke, some dipshit coach will try and do it his way. Highlight play for me was the trick play where Phili lined Foles up as a tight-end, faked with a quick snap hand off only to throw it to a wide open second string QB in the endzone for 6.

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